ARGOS Use During Copenhagen Climate Change Conference (COP 15)


December 2009


ARGOS has an automated forecasting service, convenient for preparedness during big international events. By constantly running a number of prognoses from different locations, ARGOS can be a great help in localizing the source of a malicious release and calculating a prognosis for the affected area, and how the situation will evolve.


During the COP15 conference DEMA had ARGOS running automatic dispersion calculations for more than 5 predefined critical sites in the Copenhagen-area. Thus DEMA had an idea about possible affected areas within seconds after identification of a malicious (or accidental) release of dangerous material to the atmosphere.




Winter 2010

Likewise NRPB, Canada used an installation of ARGOS constantly doing automatic forecast calculations for 15 different Olympic venues during the entire Winter Olympics 2010.