I particularly appreciate PDC-ARGOS's support and skilled staff as well as the responsiveness they have to suggestions from customers. When I have a problem or a query, then I easily and quickly get in contact with PDC-ARGOS's supporters or developers. They take all feedback seriously and act on the inquiries.

Kenneth Norling, Operations Controller at NextJet

Install Teamviewer

For a Web Meeting or a Presentation by PDC-ARGOS

PDC-ARGOS uses "Teamviewer" to offer fast and easy web meetings or presentations.

How to Get Started

  • Download and Run the RemoteSupport application by pressing this button:
  • This should result in the following window:

    You will receive a Meeting ID from PDC-ARGOS to enter into the form. Please add your own name so the PDC-ARGOS Presenter can identify the invidual presentee.

    When the PDC-ARGOS Presenter is connected, he/she can show his/her desktop and operations. During the remote session a window is shown (see below). From here, you will be able to activate a chat, voice talk, send files, etc. with the PDC-ARGOS Presenter.

    When you want to end the session and close the remote support - just click the "x":