Nuclear and Radiological Emergency Agencies

The distinction between N and R is typically that N relates to fissile material and the nuclear fission process while R originates from radioactive sources without a direct link to nuclear fission. According to this definition, nuclear explosives should be categorized as nuclear scenarios in line with events related to nuclear installations such as nuclear power plants, while dirty bombs should be included as radiological scenarios.

 However, in ARGOS it is more convenient to treat nuclear bombs and radiological bombs in a similar way as sources for distribution of radioactive materials in an urban environment. Consequently, ARGOS handles both nuclear and radiological bombs as radiological scenarios.

Political Decision Makers

ARGOS is assessing the health risks associated to an attack, identifying the appropriate medical response preparing medical responses in coordinating the response of health service providers to handle mass casualties and gauging the threats, evaluating scenarios and their implication.


Emergency Management and Safety Professionals

ARGOS predicts gas releases from industrial storages or transport containers, and when such releases have negative buoyancy.  


ARGOS provides a holistic assessment of the situation, its evolution (in space and time) and the impact adapting the operational plans and corresponding SOPs, supporting the overall allocation of resources facilitating the sharing of information and resources between field teams.


ARGOS calculates the initial dispersion in an emergency situation when it calls for relatively fast computations when limited information must not prevent calculation.

Nuclear and Radiological Scenarios

ARGOS has many advanced functionalities for nuclear scenarios, including import, export and display of measurement data from both airborne systems, mobile and stationary automatic measuring stations, as well as special models for food-dose calculations and countermeasure analysis modules and more. 

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