We are People with a Passion and Responsibility for our Clients. Working together with ARGOS you will experience that we are dedicated to attain an unmatched level of expertise in your industry and to be customer-focused. We make solutions that enable you to make the most of your business and it is our finest goal to deliver solutions that make your breakthrough performance possible.


The people of ARGOS take corporate responsibility seriously and it is absolutely fundamental for us that companies and organizations that choose to work with us are confident of our competences, quality and delivery capability. We put great pride in the trust and loyalty we have gained from our clients and partners.


PDC has built long-standing collaborations with some of the leading suppliers within their respective markets. These alliances ensure that ARGOS will have the necessary reach and delivery capability to reach our customers.


ARGOS - the Guardian


Zeus, the king of Greek gods, placed the hundred eyed guardian, ARGOS, to protect his beloved, IO, from the wrath of his wife, Hera. By virtue of his many eyes ARGOS could see what happened far away and all around him. The many eyes of the peacock hence is a natural symbol for our ARGOS system.




Here we are

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H.J.Holst Vej 3-5C
DK-2605 Broendby, Copenhagen

Telephone:+45 3636 0009

FAX:+45 3636 0001

E-mail: info@pdc-argos.com