Firefighting Professionals

Incident Coordinators


ARGOS is able to provide predefined information on chemical facilities for use with atmospheric dispersion calculation and for presentation in the system. The information covers substances, container dimensions, storage capabilities and standard release scenarios.

Storing such predefined information for each facility makes for a very simplified and rapid setup of parameters for dispersion calculations.

ARGOS facilitates the decision support, improving of situation awareness and information among the Emergency and Safety response organizations.

Why Choose ARGOS?


ARGOS now provides situation awareness, overview, visibility and insights for emergency organizations in 13 countries covering more than 400 million people.


Joining ARGOS also means joining the ARGOS user’s consortium, which is a strong network of 14 countries, research organizations and a committed software company - which all have the joint interest in maintaining ARGOS as strong tool that can be trusted during an incident.


ARGOS is a robust and mature product developed from more than 15 years of strong user experience and involvement.