ARGOS User Group Members

A very important thing about ARGOS User Group, is that it is based on a long lasting strong partnership between the users, research organizations, military and a software company.The users of ARGOS are mainly national organizations responsible for emergency management.

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The current members are:


ARGOS/RIMPUFF has the advantage that the source term can vary in time and that the spatial domain can have varying land-use and terrain heights. We get outputs for each time-step, rather than an overall solution and NWP data can be used, so the model can more accurately reflect the changes in meteorological conditions that occur – which is absolutely necessary”

Mr. Blake Orr
ARPANSA, Australia

NRPA in Norway has been using ARGOS since 2001; it is a powerful and flexible system that develops and progresses with our needs.

Ms. Eldri Naadland Holo, Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority

The ARGOS project is a huge success for Health Canada. The project reached its goals within allocated time frame and budget. All key objectives for capability were accomplished and the project is well seen by our national and international partners.

Mr. Eric Pellerin from
Radiation Protection Bureau

The Brazilian Nuclear reactor at the Angra site is placed in a complex terrain. We have found ARGOS to be the only solution able to model and handle incidents in this situation.

Mr. Pedro P. de Lima-e-Silva, Brazil Nuclear Energy National Commission