ARGOS Partners

Many important and strategic partners participate in the development of modules that are used used in ARGOS.



The Danish Emergency Management Agency has been the initiator and main driving force behind ARGOS.


Former RISØ is a close partner for the development of the RIMPUFF dispersion model as well as models for chemical releases.


Public Health England and the CRCE department develops the ERMIN model which s supplied as a part of ARGOS.


DMI is the supplier of weather forecasts and is an important partner in the ARGOS development.


Greenwood Engineering has developed and deploys monitoring stations that can be used together with ARGOS.


ARGOS participates in many EU development projects together with the RODOS system and the two have many models in common.


FOI has developed the urban flow model which DTU has integrated into the Urban Dispersion model (URD) which is included in ARGOS.


Scienta Envinet delivers powerful early warning and environmental radiation monitoring systems.

Why Choose ARGOS?


ARGOS now provides situation awareness, overview, visibility and insights for emergency organizations in 13 countries covering more than 400 million people.


Joining ARGOS also means joining the ARGOS user’s consortium, which is a strong network of 14 countries, research organizations and a committed software company - which all have the joint interest in maintaining ARGOS as strong tool that can be trusted during an incident.


ARGOS is a robust and mature product developed from more than 15 years of strong user experience and involvement.